Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Last Day on Video - we make the coast

Find here video footage of the last day

It shows the last 50 miles of the 678 mile odyssey through France

Enjoy - we did!!!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Day 8 Film Footage

Thé penultimate day's footage has been posted - pléase go to:

and enjoy

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The Penultimate Day

Yep, it's official we have just 50km left to do before we reach the end of the road - which is the Med at Cap d'Agde

Today was a belter - some 130km and an average of 25kmph (15mph)  - we spent the first part of the day on the canal from. Toulouse and the second on the road, tanking it from the high part of the pass

As we reached Carcassonne we decided to stop and spend some time being tourists! We visited La Cite - the old castle which was used in 'Robin Hood - iPrince of Thieves' it was gorgeous!

Then I decided to blatter the last 30km to Corbieres and the hotel

Brilliant day's riding and pretty fast!

See the sea tomorrow - Yippee!!

Well you have to, don't you!

Cracking meal in Corbieres!!!!

Nothing was left at all on any plate whatsoever - this is what happens when you burn up some 5000 cals

Day 7 is online

Here is the Vimeo link to the day from Agen to Toulouse
Hope you like it!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Day 7 to Toulouse

It started with excellent weather and finished with thé mother of à thunderstorm - but we just got into thé hôtel as thé Rainier started falling - so our 100% dry record persists

Sadly though our bikes were outside last night - so it's oiling thé chians in thé morning before we set off on thé penultimate leg of thé ride.

À good day was had today as we left thé wonderful town of Agen and spent thé whole time on thé canal bank - some 118km later we found ourselves in thé middle of France's second city of Toulouse. Thérè followed à battle to get to thé SW of thé City - à ride that Gary and i know too well

Still safe and sound - it was food and sleep and à chance to catch up with some old friends - sleepppppp!

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Location:Avenue des Crêtes,Ramonville-Saint-Agne,France

On thé Canal to Agen

Here is the video of the day's ride from Castillon to Agen (on the Canal du Midi)


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Thé St. Emillion vidéo

Finally got it madè and uploaded to thé web

Safely into à hôtel in Toulouse before thé thunderstorm hit

St. Emillion

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Location:Avenue Tolosane,Ramonville-Saint-Agne,France